10 Car Wash Brushes To Try This Summer

Person washing a car with scrub brush.

There is no better feeling than seeing your car sparkle. A weekly or even bi-weekly car wash is a great way to prevent rust, scratches, or any other problems that may come from an unwashed car. When it comes to finding the right products to wash your vehicle with, it can be challenging. Here are 10 car wash brushes that will make your at-home car wash easier!

Mothers Long Handled Brush

This soft car wash brush has an extra-long handle, making it easy to use on any part of your vehicle. The soft bristles guarantee that you can use it without fearing scratches or scrapes. The brush has a non-slip grip and protective bumper for easy use.

Chemical Guys Short Handle Car Brush

This heavy-duty brush is compact and made for those hard-to-fit spaces. This is a great choice for when you really need to work in enclosed areas.

Camco Through Car Wash Brush

If you’re looking for a brush that has good coverage over large areas, this is the one for you! The adjustable handle and integrated squeegee help give a great clean against tough dirt and grime.

Carrand Flow-Thru Quad Wash Brush

This three-sided brush helps clean up tougher stains and dirt. The telescopic pole makes it easier to use on taller and wider vehicles.

DOCAZOO Car Wash Brush Extension Pole

This soft brush works great for cleaning your car’s paint with no scratches. The brush can reach up to 12 feet, making it easy to brush the top of larger vehicles.

Ettore Extend-A-Flo Auto Wash Brush

With a built-in-valve, this soft bristle brush makes for easy water control. The bristles will clean every inch of your car, even the tough spots.

Carrand Flow-Thru Deluxe Car Wash Brush

The telescopic handle on this brush makes reaching for those awkward spots easier. Enjoy the fan spray rinse that will help get tough dirt and bugs.

Weiler Polystyrene Vehicle Care Wash Brush

This small brush head will last longer than most. The bristles are made with polystyrene, and are great with screw-top and flow-thru poles.

Star Brite With Deluxe Brush Combo

Great for heavy-duty work. This brush will work wonders on built-up dirt and grime that has been sitting untouched.

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AmazonBasics Auto Wheel Cleaning Brush

Made for those tighter spaces and tough spots. The brush has a long handle with a rubberized bumper to ensure no corners can be scratched while using.

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