3 Fun Backyard Games For The Kids This Spring

Family has fun in garden on summer day

Do you feel a little nostalgic when thinking about the backyard games you used to play as a kid? You can’t help but want your kids to enjoy the same wholesome experience, but you know you only have a short time to hook them on a new activity. Getting them on board won’t be a problem if you choose one of these fun backyard games for kids.

1.      Shadow Tag

Tag’s always a hit with kids, but it can get a little dangerous. All it takes is for one kid to tag another too hard for an argument to break out, and then it’s game over. Or at least that’s how it is with a classic game of tag. You can give your kids a fun experience by teaching them shadow tag. Like regular tag, one player is “it” and has to tag someone else. However, instead of touching another player, the child that’s “it” jumps on another player’s shadow. Now, that’s a unique way to pass the baton when playing tag.

2.      Duck, Duck, Goose

Years ago, you’d have a hard time finding a kid who hadn’t played Duck, Duck, Goose, but the backyard game’s popularity faded a bit with the emergence of video games. Well, your kids will be happy to put the controllers down for a bit to play this game.

Do you need a refresher? As with tag, the kids will nominate someone to be “it.” The rest of the kids will sit in a circle, and then the kid that’s “it” will make the rounds. He or she will gently touch each child’s head, saying the word “duck” with every tap. And then finally, the child will say “goose” when tapping someone’s head, and that’s when the action begins. Both kids will make a mad dash around the circle, all the way back to the abandoned spot on the ground. The child that sits first gets to stay, and the other kid will be “it.”

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3.      ABC Scavenger Hunt

A generation ago, scavenger hunts were a must at sleepovers and other child-centric events. While they aren’t nearly as common, kids still have a blast with them. Thus, create an ABC scavenger hunt for the kiddos to play.

Here’s how it works. You’ll print off lists with the alphabet on them, and then the kids will race through the backyard to find an object or item for each letter. They can write them down, point them out, or bring them to you for verification.

If your backyard doesn’t contain the entire alphabet, you can cut down the list. First, go outside and see how many items you can identify. Then cut the list down to what you’ve laid eyes on while outdoors.

This might be the most thrilling spring yet. Your kids will see how much fun they have playing outside, so they’ll stop putting up a fight every time you ask them to put down the game controller or give the screen a rest.

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