5 Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

A woman enjoys the cool breeze in her home.

If your home gets overly warm and you’re tempted to turn your AC up this summer, resist the urge and try these effective DIY tricks instead.

Upgrade Your Window Treatment

Although natural lighting is a great way to brighten up your home, it can also warm your home as well. During the summer, adjust which rooms you allow the light to filter through during the day. In the morning, close the blinds on the east side of your home, and in the evening, close them on the west side of your home. This way, direct sunlight will never be entering your home. You can increase the effectiveness of this tactic by purchasing black-out curtains. The curtains will block out more of the sun’s rays and keep your home cooler.

Adjust Your Ceiling Fan’s Rotation

Did you know the direction your ceiling fan spins can affect how cool the airflow is? During the summer, you should adjust your fan so that it rotates counter-clockwise. Then, select a faster rotation speed. This will create a downward draft that is more effective at keeping you cool.

Create a Faux Sea Breeze

Another fan-related trick is creating a faux sea breeze with a floor or box fan. Just fill a large bowl with ice or grab an ice pack and position it in front of the fan at n angel. Then, turn on the fan and let the air bounce off the ice creating a cool misting effect.

Grill Instead of Cooking Indoors

This one is a great excuse to grill out more often. Operating your oven or stovetop range can heat your home up tremendously. Therefore, whenever possible, it may be a good idea to prepare your meals in an outdoor cooking space. Try grilling meat and veggies as often as possible to keep your home cool.

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Turn on Exhaust Fans

No matter how hard you try, there will be days that you cook indoors. When you do, remember to use the exhaust fan above your oven. It is designed to draw hot air out of your home or apartment while you cook. The fan in your bathroom works the same way and can help keep your home cool after you take a hot shower.

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