How To Do The Penny Test To Check Your Tire Tread

Maintaining proper tire tread is crucial for the safety and performance of your vehicle. One simple and effective way to check your tire tread is by using the penny test. If you’re not sure how to complete the penny test, just follow the simple steps outlined by the team at Les Schwab. What is Tire… Continue reading How To Do The Penny Test To Check Your Tire Tread

Make A Refreshing Glass Of Lemonade

Summertime is in full swing, and there’s nothing like an ice-cold glass of lemonade to beat the heat. This classic summer beverage always tastes sweeter when you make it yourself, so try out this method by Allrecipes for the perfect pitcher. Ingredients Put your grocery list together and gather your materials. Here’s what you’ll need… Continue reading Make A Refreshing Glass Of Lemonade

Memorial Day Barbecue Recipes

Inviting family members and friends over for a barbecue is a perfect way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. So, if you have something like this planned, it’s important to make great food. After all, that’s a huge part of the overall celebration. To start you in the right direction, here are two recipes for yummy… Continue reading Memorial Day Barbecue Recipes

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