Driving In April Showers

closeup driver's hands on steering wheel driving on rainy day

Many people think of fresh buds on the trees and new flowers during the spring. But another springtime issue to watch out for is the showers. From light sprinkles to full storms, spring can bring a lot of wet weather. And that can mean taking extra precautions while driving. Use these tips to help you drive more safely on the road during those April showers.

Be Alert

Sometimes you leave on an errand with the sun shining and drive into a sudden squall down the road. When this happens, it’s essential to stay alert. For example, sudden gusts and heavy rain can make it harder for larger vehicles like semi-trucks to see your vehicle. And if they struggle to see, they may not spot your much smaller vehicle next to them.

Gusts Happen

What starts as a light sprinkle can turn into a gusty storm quickly. And if you’re on the road, it can be nerve-wracking to feel. Gusts of wind can move your car more than you think. While you can’t know when a gust will happen, be ready for them. Keep a firm grip on the wheel, but try not to overcorrect.

Slow and Steady

There’s no reason to race through a storm. Driving at your normal speed might be tempting, but rain can complicate things. In addition, rain on the road after a dry spell can make the road more slick than usual. And as your speed increases, so do your chances of hydroplaning.

Be Visible to Others

Overcast skies and heavy rain can make seeing other cars on the road challenging. And they’ll also have difficulty seeing you. But you can improve visibility by turning your lights on when it rains. However, using your high beams in most cases during regular traffic is not a good idea.

Give Them Space

Wet roads are much more slippery than dry roads. You can take longer to stop, even with excellent brakes and tires. As a result, it’s smart to leave extra space between you and others. In fact, six to 10 seconds of space can mean the difference between stopping safely and hitting another car. You’ll be less likely to use sudden braking, which can increase the chances of hydroplaning.

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Be Rain Ready With a Spring Tune-up

In the spring, a good tune-up is one of the best things you can do to have a safer experience. Have your mechanic thoroughly check your car and do maintenance. At Bob Brady CDJR FIAT in Decatur, Illinois, the service department is ready to help. The professional technicians there will ensure your car’s maintenance is up-to-date. And there are also many great new models to browse if you’re ready for an upgrade. Stop by or make an appointment today.

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