Fall Side Dishes You Will Love

Brussels Sprouts with Grainy Mustard, Honey Glaze

Fall is here, and it brings along a cornucopia of wonderful ingredients to incorporate into your cooking. As you make your dinner plans, consider these seasonal dishes.

Savory and Satisfying

Bordelaise sauce is a great way to dress up a nice steak or roast, as it complements the hearty beef flavor with its own rich character. For an extra earthy layer, mushrooms make the perfect addition, and Mushrooms Bordelaise livens up any steak night with a restaurant-quality accompaniment that’s just as good on mashed potatoes. If you’re interested in a Southern classic with vegetarian ingredients, consider the Green Bean Casserole, or sub-out wheat pasta with the garlic and sage-spiced Butternut Squash Noodles. It’s root vegetable season, and Roasted Celery Root makes a substantial side. The next time you make biscuits, try out the Sweet Potato Buns made with buttermilk.  To double up on seasonal  flavors, fill the biscuits with the no-cook Cranberry Relish.

Fried to Perfection

French fries are America’s go-to side dish for a good reason, and you can enhance their familiar flavor profile with a good dunk in something special. Leave the vegetable oil in the cupboard and fry up your sliced spuds in duck fat. Duck Fat Fries will bring French bistro flare to your dinner table, and they might just steal the show away from the main course. If you’re working with sweet potatoes, the Spicy Sweet Potato Fries will perk up your palate with paprika or even a dash of cayenne.

Something Sweet

Save room for dessert, because the autumn offerings are ideal for making sweet treats. The Sweet Potato Puree can be served with paprika and vanilla bean, while you’re free to experiment with chipotle or any other spice you prefer. With cinnamon and nutmeg, the Candied Yams with Marshmallows smell just as wonderful as they tastes.

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