Grab A Juicy Burger At Coney McKane’s

Woman carrying burger

Family recipes passed down from one generation to the next are the best. They are always so fresh and flavorful, and you can almost feel the love and care in every bite. Family recipes and home cooking are just what you’ll get at Coney McKane’s in Decatur. The restaurant’s menu is full of recipes from Flo, the family matriarch. In fact, Flo still makes many of these recipes today, so you know you can expect a mouthwatering meal each time you visit. Now, it can get a little crowded here, so you might want to time your trip to miss the lunch and dinner rush. However, even if you come at a busy time, it’ll be well worth it when you bite into your burger or one of the other delicious items.

Let’s Talk Burgers

If you ask people what to order at Coney McKane’s, most will direct you toward the burgers, and for a good reason. The standard burger is delicious, but you can also step out of the box and try some unique items. For instance, you can get a burrito burger when dining here. The black beans, cheese, jalapenos, and other toppings create a flavor explosion. And then there’s the One Lucky Horseshoe burger. You can choose from hamburger, ham, or turkey on Texas Toast. And in case that isn’t enough, it’s topped with waffle fries, cheese, grilled onions, bacon, and tomatoes. Now, that’s a proper meal.

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Other Favorites

So, the burgers might steal the show, but there are some other entrees worth checking out, too. First, there’s Flo’s Special Recipe Meatloaf. She uses a sweet and sour dressing, elevating the dish. Forget about all the meatloaf you’ve had in the past. This is on an entirely new level.

And then there’s the Friday Night Fish Fry. Flo’s family has some special skills for deep-frying walleye filets. Plus, the Friday Night Fish Fry is always a fun event. You’ll feel like you’re hanging out with friends when you attend the fish fry.

Oh, and you want to stop by on Saturdays for the Saturday Night Special. Coney McKane’s will cook your hand-cut filet any way you like it, and you’ll get two sides. Keep in mind that the special is only available while supplies last, and it can go fast.

These are just some of the tasty items on the menu at Coney McKane’s. You can also get sandwiches, salads, and so much more. And since it’s all home cooking, you really can’t go wrong with anything you order. Check it out soon to see why people love this restaurant.

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