Phone Mounts Everyone Can Use!

Driver using GPS on phone to follow the route.

Let’s face it we rely on our phones for a lot. Especially in the car, it can be your GPS, your main source of communication, and your DJ. We all know it’s not OK to look at our phones while we drive, so one step you can take to make your phone accessible without being a distraction is to invest in a phone mount. Each one of these options is easy to install and makes using your phone safe and convenient.

TechMatte Car Phone Mount Magnetic

The TechMatte mount magnetically connects to your phone but seals onto the dash with a suction cup. It works for just about any smartphone out there!

WizGear Magnetic Phone Mount

Another option that is universal, this mount is slim and stylish and doesn’t look bulky when you decide to take your phone off of the mount.

Magnetic Phone Holder Mount For Car By FITFORT

Another slim but powerful option, this magnetic phone holder has a stronger grip than you can imagine and rotates 360-degrees when you need it to.

APPS2Car Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Since this mount comes in a two-pack, you can give one to a friend or family member. It’s another one that is super easy to install and works with all phones.

Logitech Magnetic Car Mount

If you’re looking for a compact option, this one is for you! It clips right into your AC vent so you know your phone isn’t going anywhere. Plus, it comes with two universal phone adapters.

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CAW.CAR Accessories Car Phone Mount Magnetic

Much like a few of the other options, this one is thin and not bulky. Even if you take your phone off the mount, it doesn’t stick out. It uses an ultra-strong neodymium magnet to hold your phone in place, so again you know your phone is staying put!

You can’t go wrong with any of these options!

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