Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Wood table top on blurred kitchen background

Your home should be a comfortable place that reflects your style and tastes. But it’s also nice to add some seasonal touches throughout the year. As the spring weather arrives, you might want to bring some of the seasons inside. Try these spring home decorating ideas to refresh your space.

Adding Something Light and Bright

Many people decorate their fireplace mantels or side tables to help set the room’s tone. You might like to reflect on the season or the holidays during winter. However, many connect spring with light, new growth, and brightness. You can bring light to your room with a mirror or two. In fact, a mirror over your mantel or on a side table can help the space feel more open.

Flowers and Foliage

Brilliant new leaves and soft flower buds are hallmarks of spring. And you can invite those things indoors in several ways. For example, you can include sweet-smelling dried flowers in an arrangement. In addition, fresh flowers are a great idea. And there are so many ways to arrange the flowers. If you don’t have vases, try cutting the stems of your flowers. That will help them fit into a clear or tinted mason jar.

Color Choices

Spring is a time of fresh, new, and soft growth. And you can reflect these feelings with lighter colors. For instance, light or pastel knick-knacks, vases, and flowers work well. In addition, transparent and translucent objects fit the theme. You can also arrange fresh-cut greenery among your displayed objects. Or, invest in a few houseplants for a simple but effective way to change the look of a room.

Faux Real Flowers

Fresh flowers and greenery are lovely ways to add a springtime touch. And houseplants add lots of vibrancy. But fresh flowers and plants aren’t a great option for everyone. Instead, you can try arrangements with faux or dried flowers. These décors are long-lasting, and you can even save them for reuse. And many fake plants are very realistic, so people may not realize they aren’t real.

Try New Textiles

If you feel your room needs a change but don’t want to make big moves, consider textiles. For example, try new pillowcases on your throw pillows. Or, add or change the blanket you drape on your couch. Another way to influence the look of a room without changing furniture is to change the rug. And don’t forget your curtains. Swapping out heavy winter drapes for a lighter fabric can add light and beauty.

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A Theme for the Whole Home

Finally, consider taking your seasonal theme to every room. Even adding a vase of flowers to each room can help. If you use color to reflect the season, bring that color into other rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. For example, you can match the color of your springtime pillowcases to the dining table runner or placemats. Try out different things until it feels right to you.

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