Reasons You’ll Love The Stylish Jeep Compass

Jeep CompassIt can be hard to find an SUV that balances practicality and also performance. So often, car companies make either a fuel-efficient SUV for the city or a rugged one for the outdoors. Why is that? Why should consumers have to fill up their driveway with extra cars to fulfill their automotive needs? Well, Jeep is redefining what an SUV can be and should be. Let’s take a look at the new 2020 Jeep Compass to see how this compact option has something for everyone no matter how you use it.

Performance and Key Factors

One great thing about Jeeps is the ability to mix and match features and add-ons regardless of the trim level. A great example of this is the all-wheel-drive feature being available no matter the trim. But, for those looking for the pinnacle of what a Jeep can be, consider the Compass Trailhawk. The Trailhawk is everything and more for those expecting to take on nature’s toughest challenges. Some features include:

  • Raised Suspension
  • Underbody Protection
  • All-Terrain Tires

To top it all off the Jeep Compass is available in manual transmission. While this isn’t practical for many, there is still a place in today’s world for manual transmissions. A great option for drivers that plan on pushing their Jeep to the limit.

Practicality and Everyday Driver Benefits 

Whether you’re looking at the overall purchasing price of the vehicle or its fuel efficiency, the Compass takes it easy on the wallet. Maybe above all though, is the vehicle’s interior design. Jeep designed this SUV to feature all of the benefits you would find in a compact model, but also provide the comfort and sense of a larger vehicle. This means that you can pile loved ones in the back and hit the road without anyone feeling cooped up.

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Where to Get Yours

If you find yourself daydreaming about driving a Jeep Compass, check out our inventory at Bob Brady Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. The website is easy to navigate and even easier to set up a test drive!

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