Upgrade Your Garage This Summer

Family clearing out the garage for a yard sale

Does your garage score high marks in function but low marks in comfort, fun, and style? You can change that quickly with some upgrades. Check out some of the top garage upgrades that will allow you to get more out of the space.

Power Up Your Garage

You probably have a single electrical outlet in your garage. Because of that, you’re constantly plugging and unplugging tools, limiting what you can do in the space. Consider adding additional electrical outlets throughout the garage. You can place them along the walls, so you’ll always have power. Just remember that you shouldn’t install outlets without consulting with an electrician first.

Make Your Garage More Comfortable

It gets awfully cold in the winter and hot in the summer in Decatur. That means your garage can be almost unbearable to hang out in for around half the year. Fortunately, you can fix this problem. First, insulate your garage. Then, install ceiling fans and electric heaters, so you can regulate the temperature. These features will help you stay comfortable when hanging out in your garage.

Increase the Fun

Right now, your garage is probably a spot for your car and your tools. So, why not turn it into a place for fun, too? You can mount a widescreen TV and surround sound system on the walls, so you can stay entertained while working on projects. If you have enough room, you can even add a pool table to your garage. Then, it’ll transform from a workspace into a place for work and fun.

Upgrade the Style With Bold Paint, Crown Molding, and Baseboards

Your garage will look like an extension of your home when you add some paint, crown molding, and baseboards. First, choose a bold paint color that will give the space some energy. Make sure that you install drywall before painting if you have open studs on the walls. Then, follow that up with baseboards and crown molding. By the time you finish, your garage and house will flow together.

Install New Floors

Concrete floors are fine if you’re just using your garage for parking your car. However, once you upgrade it, you’ll spend more time inside, so you’ll want better flooring. You can add an epoxy floor coating to upgrade the look. Your garage will look so much more inviting once you upgrade the floors.

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Make it More Welcoming

You have likely put a lot of thought into how to make your home welcoming. Do the same with your garage. First, add some plants around the entryway and set up a welcome sign. Then, designate a spot for coats and shoes near the opening. Once you have everything ready, people will be excited about hanging out in your garage.

These upgrades are easy to incorporate, and they will make a huge difference. Set aside some time to tackle the project. Then, you’ll have a space that’s ideal for hanging out and working.

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