Make New Memories At The Children’s Museum of Illinois

Teacher and kids talking about a science exhibit

Teacher and kids talking about a science exhibit

Are you looking for some family-friendly activities to enjoy this summer? The Children’s Museum of Illinois in Decatur has you covered. This museum has tons of hands-on activities that make learning fun. Take a closer look at what the museum has to offer and plan your trip, and after, you can enjoy some family fun while sneaking in a bit of learning.

Crack a Case in the Hero’s Hall

The museum added the 7,000-square-foot Hero’s Hall in 2018, and it’s been a huge hit. Your little ones can put on uniforms and then try their hands at cracking a case. The hall has a squad car, helicopter, and crime lab. There are even jail cells to house suspects. Also, the hero’s hall is a ton of fun, and it teaches kids about law enforcement. This was a fantastic addition to the museum, and your kids are sure to have a blast. They can also challenge themselves by searching for clues, ruling out suspects, and solving big cases.

Learn Valuable Information at the Children’s Museum

The children’s museum specializes in making learning fun. Your kids can play at various hands-on exhibits that provide essential information that will help them excel at school and learn valuable life skills. For instance, they can go inside a giant eyeball to see how an eye works, which will benefit them when they go back to school. After, they can head over to another exhibit to see how water moves through the body before stopping by the giant mouth display to learn the importance of brushing. By making learning hands-on, kids gobble up the information while playing.

Mimic Real-world Experiences at the Museum

The museum also lets kids mimic real-world experiences while having some fun. The HSHS Hospital exhibit is one of the most popular areas at the museum. Your kiddos can enter an emergency room, where they can play with X-rays, an ambulance, and more. They can also stop by a pizzeria and gelato stand to serve customers. Oh, and if your kids enjoy building things, they’ll love the Ready. Set. Build! Exhibit. They can head over to the workshop and get to work.

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Engage the Creative Side

Kids can also enhance their creative sides at the museum. From painting on the walls to putting on a show at the theater, creativity is on display here. If your little ones have huge imaginations, they will have a blast at the museum.

This museum truly has it all, including a toddler’s area for the little ones. Make some plans so your family can enjoy the Children’s Museum of Illinois. The museum is perfect for kids aged 3-12, so your entire crew can have some fun and make memories.

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