10 Tips To Keep The Interior Of Your Car Clean

Detail of a young  bald man using a portable wireless vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of a car

Most people have a hard time keeping the interior of their cars clean. This is especially true for those with smaller children. However, it’s also challenging for individuals who use their cars daily for work. If you’re tired of driving around like this, here are 10 tips to help to keep your vehicle’s interior clean.

Designate a Place for Trash

Putting the trash in a container instead of tossing it on the floor makes a huge difference. You can put a trash bag inside one of the door panels behind the driver or passenger seat. Furthermore, here’s another great idea. Buy a large plastic container with a lid designed to store cereal. Place a small trash bag inside. This gives you a specific place to put all the trash and prevents odors from making the interior smelly.

Invest in a Car Organizer

This type of organizer comes in many different sizes. Typically, they have more than one compartment. For that reason, you can use a single organizer to store your kids’ toys, snacks, and things to keep them entertained while traveling. At the same time, a car organizer works great for extra accessories. They’re ideal for organizing things you need as part of your job.

Clean the Cupholders

Often, the cupholders are one of the first things to get dirty inside a car. It doesn’t take long before you find an accumulation of crumbs, hair, and dust. To keep them clean, here’s an excellent solution. Place an old but clean sock on your hand. Spray it with a safe cleaning product. Then rub your hand in and around the cupholder to remove all the debris. Now, once you get the cupholders clean, you can keep them that way by placing a cupcake liner inside.

Clean and Organize the Glovebox

It doesn’t take much time to wipe and organize a glovebox. While you don’t open it daily, it’s nice to know everything inside is in order.

Have Upholster Wipes on Hand

Drinks and food typically spill while driving. For that reason, they don’t get cleaned right away. To avoid potential damage, put upholstery wipes in your center console or glovebox. That way, you’ll always have what you need whenever a spill occurs.

Shake the Floor Mats

Because a person’s feet rest on the floor mats that protect the carpet in your vehicle, they quickly get dirty. Rather than allow a lot of dirt to build up, shake them out regularly.

Immediately Clean up Messes

Depending on the cabin of your vehicle, even spilled water could cause damage. So, don’t ever let a mess sit for long.

A Good Rule to Follow

To keep the inside of cars clean, everyone should adopt this simple rule. “Whatever someone brings inside the car must take it with them when they exit.”

Wipe Your Feet

Just as you do when entering your home, clean the bottom of your shoes before getting in your car. Some people keep a plastic bag in the cabin. With that, they have a place to put their dirty shoes after sitting down. Then they keep a clean pair of shoes in the vehicle for driving. Another option is to purchase paper floor mat covers.

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Buy Quality Seat Covers

Covers are ideal whether your car has upholstered or leather seats. They prevent the transfer of any dirt. There are several great things about them. For example, you can machine wash most of them. In addition, they come in a broad range of colors and designs. So, seat covers protect the interior, and they’re fun. In particular, they’re a worthwhile investment if you have kids or pets.

While you keep the interior of your car clean, we can help with maintenance. Contact Bob Brady Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT in Decatur, Illinois, to learn more about our services. In addition, if you need a new ride, browse our inventory and visit us for a test drive.


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