Tips For Your Next Summer Picnic

Summer picnic with sunflowers
When the sun comes out, it’s nice to enjoy a day outdoors. Whether you’re headed to your favorite local park or just out in your yard, try these tips to for the perfect summer picnic.

Proper Plating

When you’re preparing a meal on the go, you have to determine what kind of plates or bowls to bring, and it’s likely that you won’t want to bring something nice or fragile along for the ride. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to rely on thin paper plates, because no matter how much effort you put into your cooking, your meal will be more enjoyable if you don’t have to worry about your plates getting soggy and collapsing. Consider something sturdier like enamel plates to make sure that your dishware is up to the task.

Keep It Simple

When packing for your picnic, you might not want to bring a whole drawer of forks, spoons, and knives, so think of foods that don’t require a lot of utensils to enjoy. Handheld options like skewers, sandwiches, and wings are great entrees on the go, and you can bring sides for everyone to pick on like grapes by the bunch or a bag of chips. Just keep cleanup in mind, as you’ll need a way to wash your hands if you bring something coated in sauce.

Anticipate Pests

Any time you step outside, you share space with a whole ecosystem of flora and fauna. Sometimes, those creatures might invite themselves to your picnic, so have a plan to protect your meal from pests. Insects might find your food as appetizing as you do, so bring lids and coverings to guard your food and drinks. You can also scope out your surroundings before you set up your picnic area to make sure there aren’t any ant beds or other concerning signs nearby.

What You’ll Need

Consider the container you’ll use to carry your movable feast. If you have an old Styrofoam cooler in the garage, you might want to leave it behind on this outing, as it might not be sturdy enough to haul your food, and an unexpected spill could spoil the fun. A more robust cooler should be fine, and you could also opt for a classic picnic basket if you want a picture-perfect picnic. A washable blanket can serve as a clean surface for your excursion, and it might be helpful to weigh down the edges to keep the breeze from lifting it up and interrupting the meal.

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