3 Coffee Shops In Decatur, IL

Espresso machine making a cup of coffee

Do you feel a little blurry-eyed in the morning? If your get-up-and-go is lacking, stop by a Decatur coffee shop on your way to work. The city is full of some fantastic options, but three stand out. Get the details on these spots, and then head over for a steaming cup of joe.

The River Coffee Company

The community mourned together when The River Coffee Company and other businesses were destroyed in a fire in 2019. Many worried that The River Coffee Company wouldn’t come back, but it has with a vengeance. It opened a new location in downtown Decatur at the end of 2019 and was received with open arms, with droves of people stopping by for specialty coffees, muffins, and more. It also has some amazing teas, including mango iced tea.

The menu is so robust that you’ll need to make numerous trips to try all the items that grab your interest. It also has a fantastic atmosphere, so you can hang out while enjoying your beverage. Then you can order another one to speed up your trip through the massive menu.

Black Iron Coffee Company

Black Iron Coffee Company has it all. The atmosphere is on point, the staff is amazing, and the coffee and teas are out-of-this-world. This spot even has delicious smoothies. Oh, and Black Iron Coffee Company delivers when it comes to pastries. You can easily find the perfect pastry for your coffee or tea.

It’s easy to fall in love with this local coffee shop, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself going back over and over. If you do, the staff will make a point to get to know you. Staff members often greet regular customers by name when they walk through the door.

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Coffee Connection

Do you want delicious coffee and fast? If so, check out Coffee Connection. When this coffee shop opened its doors in 2009, it earned the distinction of being the only double-side drive-through coffee spot in the city. The staff might be quick when it comes to serving coffee, but they take their time when it comes to choosing delicious concoctions to add to the menu. If you aren’t sure what to order, check out the monthly specials. Then you can enjoy some caffeinated beverages that embrace the flavors of the season.

It’s clear that Decatur has some of the best coffee shops around. Whether you want a basic cup or something full of flavor, you’ll find it here. Be sure to try each one so you can find a new neighborhood coffee shop for your caffeinated needs.

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