7 Summer Foods You Will Be Eating All Summer Long

Hot Dogs in Brioche Rolls with pickles, onion and relishes.

Some foods taste better on hot summer days and starlit summer nights. The bright sun, warm breezes, and shimmery evenings call for cool, sweet, and simple foods. It’s also a time for more uncomplicated recipes and juicy crispness. Here are seven foods you’ll be eating all summer long. You’re sure to find one or two of your favorites on this list.

Melon Mania

Juicy, sweet, and cool melons can help you beat the heat even on the worst days. And fortunately, there are so many varieties. Slices of honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon provide a cool contrast to the warmth and bright sunlight. And if you’re looking for some new melon flavor, check out your local farmer’s market to see what’s growing nearby.

Tomatoes are Terrific

As the days grow longer, the tomatoes grow sweeter and more flavorful. Grab some farm-fresh beefsteak tomatoes to slice and add to sandwiches, or eat alone with a dusting of salt and pepper. In addition, grape and cherry tomatoes provide a beautiful range of snackable colors and flavors or will stud your salads like bright stars. Finally, if you’re looking for more than salads and sandwiches, try adding multiple tomato varieties to a deliciously cooling gazpacho.

Italian Ice, Ice, Maybe

Of course, ice cream is delicious, but Italian ice can be a more refreshing summer choice. Ice-cold, tart and sweet flavors taste more intense in the summertime. Of course, Italian ice is perfect on its own. But you can sweeten the deal by adding some fresh raspberries or blackberries.

It’s Ok to Be Corny

Fresh corn on the cob can’t be beaten. There are tons of varieties, ranging from sweeter to starchier, and an array of brilliant colors. Corn on the cob is another great standalone food. However, you can also dress it up with butter, mayonnaise, and cotija to make Mexican corn elotes or slice the kernels off into a vibrant salad.

Hot Dog Happy

Hot dogs and burgers on the grill are a summer tradition for many families. And there are many types of hot dogs, from vegan to all-beef, so everyone in the family can enjoy them. Take your hot dogs to the next level with fancy condiments and toppings. For example, switch things up with chipotle mayo, make a cabbage relish, or bring in some new buns.

S’more for Me

Summer nights are better by a campfire, and campfires are the best when roasting yummy marshmallows. Slap those toasted marshmallows with your favorite chocolate in between some graham crackers, and voilà, an iconic summer treat.

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The Season for Seafood

Something about summer shouts seafood. From fresh steamed shrimp to creamy lobster rolls, seafood is the ticket. Fresh shrimp and corn combine with other simple ingredients and seasoning for a pot full of amazing goodness. Try a low country boil for an easy meal at your next family party.

Switching to summer foods can bring smiles and so much joy. Add refreshing flavors and keep things simple with one of these seven summer foods. Look for new varieties of old favorites for enhanced flavors. And don’t forget to enjoy your favorites with your favorite people.

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