Catch A Movie At The Avon Theater

couple watching a comedy movie at the cinema and enjoying.

With so many feature films going direct to streaming, you might have skipped out on the in-person movie-going experience lately. However, streaming new movies is expensive, and tickets are cheap at the Avon Theater in Decatur, IL. The independent theater charges $6.50 for seniors, children, and matinees. Then adults pay $8 for films after 6 p.m. It’s hard to beat those prices, especially when you consider that the theater screens some of the top films in the industry. Check out some upcoming movies at the theater, and learn more about the experience.

See “Scream” at the Avon Theater

You’re likely familiar with the “Scream” franchise if you are a horror movie fan. But did you know that there’s yet another movie in that franchise coming out, and you can see it at the Avon Theater? Sidney Prescott and some of the other original characters return 25 years after the first film. It’s sure to be frightening and fun, so check it out if you enjoy horror.

Catch “The 355” at the Avon Theater

You can also catch “The 355” at the Avon Theater. Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, and others star in this spy film that’s sure to cause quite an adrenaline rush. You’ll watch on as the CIA and international agents embark on a mission to save the world.

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Don’t Forget the Treats

After finding a movie you want to watch, you can head over to the theater. Don’t go straight to your seat, though. You’ll want to check out the expanded offerings in the concession stand. The theater still offers popcorn with real butter, a favorite of moviegoers. However, it’s added some extra snacks into the mix. Now, you can also get nachos and soft pretzel bites so that you can enjoy dinner and a movie.

With the low prices and hot titles, a trip to the Avon Theater is definitely in order. Keep tabs on the upcoming films and head over once you see one that draws your interests.

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