Best Apps To Download On Your Phone For Food Delivery

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If takeout has become a regular part of your family’s routine now, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of takeout and delivery apps available to you. Let’s explore some of the most popular apps to see which suits your food delivery needs!


DoorDash was recently voted as the most popular food delivery app, and it has also been named the most consistent. DoorDash offers an easy-to-use interface that helps you choose what type of food you’re looking for, and which restaurant to order from. They always show the estimated delivery time and delivery cost so you won’t have any surprises. DoorDash also has a subscription service for $10 a month that gets pfree delivery and lower service fees.

Uber Eats

Perhaps one of the most well-known delivery apps, UberEats was named the fastest app by CNet. Uber Eats has over 320,000 restaurant partners around the world, so you’ll never run out of choices. Uber Eats also allows you to earn points on your Uber rides and Eats deliveries that can be used to offset the cost of future deliveries through the app.


Postmates is available in over 4,200 U.S. cities and has over 500,000 restaurant choices throughout the country. While Postmates’ delivery and service fees fluctuate more and are on the higher side than other apps, they offer plenty of ways to get discounts, including email offers and joining a Party where you order from a place other people around you are ordering from, too.  Postmates also offers a subscription service, deliveries from many convenience and grocery stores, and 24/7 delivery.

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Grubhub owns Seamless, and the two apps are nearly identical. You can search by type of food and filter your results by price, rating, distance, delivery time, and delivery fee. Both apps allow you to schedule delivery ahead of time, which can be super helpful on busy nights. Grubhub and Seamless also offer discount promotions and ways to earn discounts/cash back.

All of these apps have similar delivery fees, but with all of the different promotions and discounts available it’s worth browsing the daily deals to see how much you can save on your next takeout order.

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