Breakfast Is Always A Good Idea At Downtown Café

Eating breakfast

Don’t you hate it when you’re craving breakfast, only to realize that restaurants stopped serving it hours ago? That’s not a problem you have to worry about when you eat at the Downtown Café in Decatur, IL. As long as the doors are open, you can order and chow down on a home-cooked breakfast. Stop by for your favorite classics Mondays through Saturdays from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. or Sundays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Are you still unsure if you want to visit the Downtown Café? Check out what you’ll miss if you don’t stop by.

All the Breakfast Classics in One Place

The Downtown Café is like a diner when it comes to breakfast. It serves all the classics you’ve grown to love over the years, such as French toast, hotcakes, and biscuits and gravy. Oh, and it also has a Breakfast Horseshoe on the menu that you won’t want to miss. The Texas toast is topped with hash browns, eggs, meat, and sausage gravy, so you’ll be full when you finish eating. But if you aren’t in the mood for that breakfast item, no worries. There truly isn’t a bad item on the menu.

Bring Your Lunch-eating Friends Along

Usually, restaurants only serve breakfast or lunch at given times. However, the Downtown Café also has an extensive lunch menu. Your friends can eat salads, sandwich platters, burgers, and other menu items while you enjoy your breakfast. With so many options, you can even bring the pickiest eaters in your life out for a meal here.

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Friendly, Efficient Service

The Downtown Café is a hopping place, but don’t worry if it gets crowded. Your server will treat you like you’re sitting at the only table in the section. Everyone here is fast and friendly, and they never make people feel rushed. You’ll feel like part of the family after a few meals here.

Part of the reason people are so friendly might have to do with the fact that the restaurant is locally owned and operated. Local businesses know how to step it up when it comes to service, and the Downtown Café excels in that category.

Between the food and the service, you can’t go wrong at the Downtown Café. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast or lunch, head over for a tasty meal today.

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