Tired Of Bugs? Try These Bug Removers On Your Car!

Washing dirty windshield of a car.Have you ever found yourself at a gas station vigorously scrubbing your vehicle’s windshield or paint? Wondering if now what appears to be bug graveyard will ever come off? If you’ve ever taken a road trip then the answer to those questions is likely a resounding, yes!

Luckily there are a few products out there designed specifically to remedy that unresolved and reoccurring problem. The list of products below is sure to help you keep your vehicle in pristine condition no matter how many insects find their final resting place on your car’s exterior. 

ProSol – Bugs N’ All: Multi-Use Vehicle Cleaner

As the name would suggest, the Bugs N’ All Multi-Use Vehicle Cleaner does a number on bug splatter. The formula quickly starts dissolving bugs within 60 seconds. However, bugs aren’t the only thing that this cleaner is capable of taking on. No matter what smudges you find on your car’s exterior try giving the Bugs N’ All cleaner a shot. As an added bonus, it’s more environmentally friendly than most cleaners and is also safe to use inside your automobile.

Rain-X – Bug & Tar 

A little different from the previous entry, this cleaner is designed to be used before you wash your car. All you have to do is spray this on, wait a few minutes, and then wash your car normally. Rain-X Bug & Tar is a great pre-wash option to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t need to be scrubbed twice. It’s also safe to use on windows, unlike some other bug cleaners! 

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McKee’s 37 – Road Kill Bug Remover 

There is a lot to like about McKee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Remover and most of all may be the name. But, aside from having a fun name, this cleaner is easy to use and incredibly effective. It comes in a spray bottle and is safe to use on any part of your vehicle’s exterior. Although it’s not safe to use on the interior this is still a fantastic bug and smudge remover.

Check out these bug and tar removers and find what product works best for you. You can also drop your vehicle off at Bob Brady Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM and we can take care of any of your automotive needs!

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