Make Memories And Delicious Holiday Cookies

Christmas cookies on platter

During this busy holiday season, don’t forget to take some time to relax and have fun with your family over simple, holiday-themed activities. One of the best ways to do that is to bake holiday cookies together. Any kind of cookie recipe will work, but we have a favorite one we’d like to share with you today. It tastes delicious and brings out everyone’s creativity. You can choose to keep these cookies plain and not put the icing on them if you’d prefer, but we highly recommend using icing to add cute decorations. Here are some of the reasons we love this cookie recipe so much.

Adorable Cookie Cutters Are Involved

This recipe takes all the guesswork out of manually shaping your cookies by hand. Grab some holiday-themed cookie cutters and you’re set. This could include shapes such as Christmas trees, mittens, ornaments, snow globes, gingerbread men, Santa, reindeer, and so many more cute options. Choose your favorite cookie cutters and get to work.

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The Directions Are Super Easy

The full list of directions can be found here, but overall, it’s very straightforward. You’ll need a large bowl to beat many of the ingredients together in, and another bowl to combine the dry ingredients in. Then, you’ll slowly add the dry ingredients to the larger bowl. Once the mixture is fully combined, you’ll divide the dough into four parts and refrigerate it overnight, or until the mixture is hard enough to roll.

Once hardened, you’ll cut the dough up into your chosen cute holiday cookie cutter shapes and put them in the oven. Each batch needs only five to seven minutes before they’re done. You’ll want to put them on a cooling rack, and once cooled they’re ready to be decorated.

The final task is to mix up the icing and get to decorating! You can make these cookies as creative or as simple as you’d like, it’s totally up to you. Just make sure you’re having fun with your family.

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