Bring On The Competition With These Holiday Games

modern holiday guessing game

Christmas Eve is a popular time to bring out some healthy competition and festive games to help the family spend quality, light hearted fun together. After eating and mingling at your holiday gathering, breaking out these games will help lighten the mood, break the ice (for friends and family that may be meeting others for the first time), or just add some fun to your holiday evening before Santa comes. The whole family can play and enjoy these games!

1. Name That Carol

This game is for families that love karaoke but also love a little bit of trivia! Pick up two microphones (fake or real) to spice it up. Have one person be the host and split into teams. The host will begin singing the Carol and whichever team guesses the correct answer first gets a point. Whoever makes it to a certain amount of points first, wins! Note that you can include prizes of your choice, and be sure to have a score keeper!

2. Snowball “Throw”

This game is great for those who did not eat dessert and love a sweet snack. Using marshmallows, you will partner up. One person at a time will throw the marshmallow with the goal of making it in their partners mouth! The team gets a point for every marshmallow caught. Be sure to wash your hands before this activity.

3. Blind Christmas Tree Ripping

This game is a funny one. Make sure each member playing has a piece of wrapping paper. The player will place the wrapping paper behind their back, and without looking, they will attempt to rip the wrapping paper into the shape of a Christmas tree. The results will have everyone laughing and wanting to try!

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4. Christmas Carol Pictionary

Pictionary is a well-known and popular family game. This turns up the festivity a few notches to help get everyone in the holiday spirit. Split into teams to depict Christmas Carols. As soon as the other team figures out which carol is drawn, they have to sing it for a chance at more points. This game will have everyone cracking up at the family’s drawing skills and singing voices.

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