Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Keep Your Car Cool This Summer

Nothing can ruin a fun day out quite like getting into a hot car. From the burning seats to the stuffy air, it’s all you can do to put the vehicle in drive and take off. You can avoid that issue this summer by following these tips for keeping your car cool when it’s parked.

Park in the Shade

If there’s an open spot in a parking garage or under a shady spot, take it. You might have to walk a bit further to get to your destination, but you’ll be glad you did when you slip back behind the wheel.

Make Your Own Shade

You can’t always park under a shady spot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave your vehicle in the shade. Put up a window visor or sunshade after parking your car, so it’ll be cool when you get back inside. If you want to take it a step further, you can block the rear windshield, too. Then your backseat passengers will be as comfy as you are at the front.

Cover the Steering Wheel

Have you ever burned your hands on the steering wheel? That’s far from comfy, so it’s important to cover your steering wheel after parking your car. You don’t even have to get an expensive accessory. Instead, use a hand towel to block the rays.

Don’t Forget About the Dash

Vinyl heats up fast when exposed to sunlight, and you can burn yourself if you touch it. Fortunately, a dashboard cover will keep the vinyl cool while your car is parked. As a bonus, a dashboard cover will also extend the life of the vinyl. By avoiding exposing your dashboard to direct sunlight, it won’t be as prone to cracking.

Cover the Seats

Sitting on hot seats is never fun, so toss some blankets in the back of your car before heading out. You can place them over the seats when you park so they can block the sunlight. Then remove the blankets when you get inside and slide into a cool seat.

Crack the Windows

You can also keep your car cool by letting fresh air circulate throughout the interior. However, you have to be safe when doing this. If you can fit your hand through the window, it’s open too wide. Only crack them a tiny bit, so someone can’t reach inside your vehicle.

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Use a Solar Powered Fan

You can fight back against the heat in a big way with a solar-powered fan. It’ll run while you’re inside, keeping your car at a nice temperature. Be sure to crack the windows, too, to maximize the cool air.

These tips will keep your car cool, but they won’t make it cool. If you want a cool ride, head to Bob Brady CDJR FIAT in Decatur, Illinois. We have new, certified pre-owned, and used vehicles in various makes and models so that you can find the perfect vehicle today.

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