Plan A Night Out At The Gin Mill

Gin Mill

After you’ve had a long week at work or doing whatever you do daily, you probably want to go out and take a break for a while. But isn’t it time to try something new? If you’re going to a restaurant that you may not have been to before, you’ll have to plan a night out at The Gin Mill in Decatur. This local eatery has some of the best food in town, and if you’re looking for someplace cool to hang out, then you’ll definitely be in the right place. With so many food options, even the pickiest eater should be able to find something they like there.

Start With an Appetizer

You’re already treating yourself by going out. Why not go the extra mile and start off with an appetizer? You’ll have so many choices to choose from here. For example, you may want to try the deviled eggs, the jumbo shrimp cocktail, or the fried pork belly. All of that sounds wonderful, right? But you’ll also have the option of going with bruschetta, artichoke and crab cheesy bread, and deep-fried alligator tail. With all of those options, you can easily feed the entire table.

Order a Salad or Some Small Plates

Just because you’re going out doesn’t mean you have to consume an absolutely huge meal. Instead, you could go for something on the smaller side by opting for a salad or a smaller plate. For instance, you may want to try the chicken Waldorf or the Caesar salad. They are both fantastic options, and they’ll come out as fresh as possible. You also have to check out the New York sizzle steak, street tacos, and carnitas pork nachos. They are all excellent options if you want to try something tasty without having to order an entire entrée.

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Your Entrée

Of course, if you’re feeling hungry, then you’re likely going to want to order an entrée. Don’t worry – with these options, you’re definitely not going to leave the restaurant feeling hungry at all. The braised lamb shank and the beef Blackstone are fantastic choices, as is the red pepper crab cakes. Oh, and don’t forget about the grilled halibut, the cedar plank salmon, or the crab-stuffed chicken. But basically, anything you order here is going to be out of this world, so don’t be afraid to order whatever sounds best to you.

The next time you’re feeling hungry, head on over to The Gin Mill.

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