Show Off With The RAM 1500 Multifunction Tailgate

RAM 1500 Multifunction Tailgate

The 2020 RAM 1500 multifunctional tailgate leaves other tailgates in the dust. Say goodbye to awkward tailgates that you have to heft your items across. Now all you have to do is open up the split doors and place items directly into the bed of the truck. Read on to learn more about the many reasons to love the 2020 RAM 1500 multifunction tailgate.

60/40 Split Doors

The 2020 RAM 1500’s tailgate splits into 60/40 swing-away doors that open up to 88-degree angles. This is a breakthrough tailgate experience because previously, tailgates only opened down. Now, you have the option to open up and increase your ease of placing items directly into your truck bed. You still have the option to lower the tailgate all the way down if you’d prefer, because it still functions as a standard tailgate when the 60/40 doors are closed.

This new feature in no way decreases the power of the truck bed. It can still hold up to 2,000 pounds so you can continue to use it with as much power as before, just with more ease thanks to the new split swing-away doors.

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Extra Storage

The innovation doesn’t stop at the tailgate for the 2020 RAM 1500. It also features the RamBox Cargo Management System. This feature consists of two lockable, drainable, weatherproof storage bins located on either side of the truck bed above the wheel wells. These help to maximize your space with storage options previously uncommon in many truck models. These storage bins come equipped with LED lighting in the lids so you can always see what’s stored inside. There’s also a 115-volt outlet inside the bins so you can charge any tools that require it while you’re on the go. This model has everything you can think of needing in a truck and more.

The 2020 RAM 1500 multifunction tailgate will make you wonder how no one has accomplished this genius innovation until now. Believe us when we say this is a game-changer for tailgate designs. Come check it out for yourself.

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