Seasonal Bass Fishing Tips To Use This Year

Fisherman with rod on the river

Whether you’re hoping to go bass fishing for the first time or you’re a longtime angler, you can start pulling up fish in any season. Fishing can be fun, satisfying, and even a means to provide dinner. But luck factors into success may be less than you think. Find out a few ways you can bolster your chances of bass fishing success in any season by trying these tips.

The Right Tools for the Job

If you’re serious about going after bass this year, you’ll first want to start with a bass fishing rod. You’ll have more success if you select a sensitive rod with fast action. Pair with a bass reel, and then it’s time to select the bait. Bass love to go after a variety of food sources, so you will want to choose several different types of lures. The bass may love the spinners one day, and the next day it’s all about flashers or plastic lures.

Location, Location, Location

You could try the technique of staying in the same place, hoping the fish will come to you at some point. But most anglers know that fish — bass included — move around depending on how bright and warm it is. In the summertime, you’ll see bass move into the shallows when the light is low and head for the deeper areas in the brightest parts of the day. But springtime is often the opposite. On the coldest days, you may find the fish clustered in the deeper water.

Variety is the Spice of Aquatic Life

Bass will chase different foods depending on the season. In the fall, you can try switching your bait to look similar to the crawfish they love. If you’re not having any luck trying to feed the bass dinner, try a scare tactic. In the springtime, bass are raising nests of eggs and protecting them from predators. Dropping some bait that looks like smaller, threatening fish can cause the bass to strike and land on your hook.

Let Them Warm Up to You

When the water is too warm, look for weedy areas or deeper water columns. Also, keep in mind that during the winter, the bass will be sluggish and slow-moving. Slow your lure movement down to match their energy. When the water temperature is changing quickly during late spring or summer, you may need to move around often as the fish respond to the changing water temperatures. And if daytime fishing is stumping you in all seasons, try finding a spot out on the lake at night.

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Success in Any Season

After you’ve gotten your gear and planned your day (or night) out on the lake, remember the most important part — have fun. Of course, it’s thrilling to pull up a beautiful bass. Although, don’t miss out on the lovely seasonal views and the peace and tranquility while you’re waiting for that fish to bite. Good luck!

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