Sign Up For The Rock Springs Ramble

Marathon running in the light of evening

Many people tend to stay indoors more often during winter. So a fun walk or run is a great way to greet the seasonal change from winter to spring. Decatur locals can get outdoors and support a great cause by signing up for the Rock Springs Ramble. Make plans for this family-friendly activity this year, and sign up today.

Get Ready to Ramble

Walk, roll, jog, or run your way through the Rock Springs Ramble on May 20, 2023. You can participate in so many great ways. For example, you can register for the 5K walk or run or the one-mile walk or run. In addition, kids 10 and under can join the fun in their section. If you want more, try the Rock Springs Ramble Challenge. Finally, join online if you don’t live nearby or can’t get away on the day.

How to Register

The easiest way to register for the Ramble is to go online. There, you can choose the way you want to participate. In addition, you will receive a bag, t-shirt, and finisher’s medal if you register by April 19. Also, registered kids will receive a nature coloring book and a tree cookie medal. If you plan to race competitively, you could earn a hand-painted wildlife rock created by a local artist. The top three finishers in each age bracket will get a one-of-a-kind rock made by Sheryl Polley.

Let the Location Inspire You

Lovely spring weather meets incredible views in this fun outing. In fact, the Ramble goes through the Rock Springs Conservation Area. If you’ve never been there, you’re in for a treat. With over nine miles of trails, a Nature Center, and a restored farmhouse, you’ll want to return soon. To get there, take Route 48 south. Then turn right on Rock Springs Road and follow the signs. You’ll start the Ramble at the Rock Springs Nature Center parking lot. Then you’ll move along the Rock Springs-Fairview Bike Path.

Support a Great Cause

In addition to a great outdoor experience, your participation supports a fantastic cause. By joining this Ramble, you’ll support the Macon County Conservation Foundation. They work to restore and maintain natural areas and offer educational programs. People can take advantage of this work at the Macon County Conservation Foundation. People can access programs at the Rock Springs Nature Center, too. It’s a great way to contribute to beautiful, natural spaces around Decatur.

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Partner With Friends

There’s a way for everyone in the family to be a part of the Ramble. Moreover, it’s a great activity to do with friends. Partner with your best pals and go as a team, or have a friendly competition. You don’t want to miss this fantastic way to know this outdoor space better. Celebrate spring and sign up for the Rock Springs Ramble now.

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