Get Ready For Spring With These Crafts

Flower arrangement

Spring, the season of renewal, is almost here! If you are looking to freshen up your home, we have some simple projects for you. Before you know it, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood, so bring color into your home this season with these DIY crafts.

Watering Wreath

What’s better than a cheerful wreath hanging on your front door? Find your favorite floral watering can and place colorful flowers inside for a stunning wreath. This will add a nice pop of color to your front door. Plus, the smell of fresh flowers is too good to pass up. This would make such a great afternoon project with your little ones. Wreaths are great for any holiday or season!

Sunburst Mirror

Accent mirrors can do so much for your room. By making your own rattan mirror, you will bring a pop of design and light into your favorite corner. This craft is super easy and would also make a great DIY gift for a friend who is looking for new home décor.

Floral Decor

Instead of pricy table decor, simply make your own decorations with bright flowers and homemade ribbon. This would be a great craft to do if you are looking to add a pop of color and fresh smells into your home. You will be a florist in no time.

DIY Floral Pillows

If you are looking to add a feminine touch to your home, then DIY floral pillows are worth the sewing. One yard of fabric can make one 16” x 16” throw pillow. Find your favorite fabrics and start sewing! This project makes your favorite throw pillows so much more affordable.

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Bird Feeders

Birds love spring weather. Flowers are blooming, birdbaths are filled and ready to use, and of course, bird feeders are in full swing. Instead of using a traditional bird feeder, try using cookie molds to create the cutest bird feeder. You will be surprised to see how many birds will enjoy your handmade creation.

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