Take A Stroll In A Garden

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Spring has arrived, so it’s a great time to take a stroll in a garden. Decatur, Illinois, is home to numerous colorful and vibrant gardens for you to explore this spring. Take a closer look at Decatur’s best gardens and then make plans for fresh air, beautiful flowers, and more.

Fairview Park Rose Garden

The Stephen Decatur Rose Society planted the Fairview Park Rose Garden from 1958 to 1959. After, the society teamed up with the Decatur Park District to restore it in 2010. Today, the Fairview Park Rose Garden is flourishing. Take a stroll through the park to enjoy the roses, perennials, and beautifully manicured hedges. From the smells to the pops of color, the rose garden will engage your senses and help you enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Anna Bethel Fisher Rock Garden

The Anna Bethel Fisher Rock Garden inside Nelson Park is another spot to visit when you want to ignite your senses and get in touch with nature. This garden opened to the public in 1927 and underwent a renovation in 1992. The impressive garden contains boulders, flowering plants, and towering cypress trees. You will feel removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life when you stroll through this garden.

Gazebo Garden in Scovill Park

The Gazebo Garden in Scovill Park is one of the top spots for photos in Decatur. The flowers start blooming at the beginning of May, creating vibrant colors that look gorgeous in person and in photographs. The massive trees keep watch over the garden, while the gazebo provides quite the backdrop. Whether you want to relax for a bit, take pictures, or enjoy the sights and smells of spring, you will be hard-pressed to find a better location in Decatur.

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Schaub Floral Display Center, Greenhouse, and Memorial Garden

You can also find some fantastic photo opportunities at Sportsman’s Park. Once there, you can head over to the Schaub Floral Display Center, Greenhouse, and Memorial Garden. This is where the propagation of the city’s flowers occurs, so you can expect to see many species when you visit. As impressive as that is, you’ll be blown away when you stop by the memorial garden. This garden was created to honor Norma Schaub’s memory, and it does not disappoint. It has a beautiful design, so you will want to snap some photos when you’re here. You might even want to stop by for pictures if you’re celebrating a special event, such as an engagement or a wedding.

These are just some of the outdoor opportunities you’ll find in Decatur. This spring is the perfect time to explore, so go down the list to see each garden. When you visit a garden, spend some extra time and explore the rest of the park. Decatur is beautiful, and you can see that up close when you’re walking around parks and gardens.

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