Give These Grilling Recipes A Try This Summer

Mexican Street Corn

Want to branch out beyond the basic burgers, hotdogs, and steaks on the grill this summer? Take some international inspiration with these eclectic grilling recipes.

Mexican Street Corn

This elote, or street corn, is a great starter or side to any summer meal, and it benefits from a quick, light charring over the coals. It doesn’t take long for the corn to cook on the grill, but it’ll be helpful to prepare the chipotle butter ahead of time. The corn will need to cook covered for about two or three minutes at a time, and you’ll need to rotate the corn regularly to keep any side from getting too charred. When the corn comes off the heat, coat it with a compound butter made with chipotles, cumin, cinnamon, lime zest, salt, and pepper. All of these ingredients can be mixed in a blender. You might also want to keep some fresh cilantro handy as a garnish.

Moroccan Chicken

While many Moroccan dishes take advantage of the iconic tagine clay pot, recipes like this wonderfully seasoned chicken go great on the grill! Use your favorite cuts of poultry, as bone-in meat, chicken breast, and even tenders work well with this preparation. The trick to achieving that delightfully aromatic Moroccan seasoning is by mixing a wide variety of spices together, forming a blend known as Ras El Hanout. For this mix, combine allspice, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, nutmeg, and pepper. You’ll then need to make a spice rub by combining the seasonings with olive oil, lemon zest, and minced garlic.

Lamb Kebabs

Lamb is great for grilling, and it makes for tasty kebabs with a few simple steps. First, season the ground lamb with sumac, cumin, and coriander, then form it into cylindrical portions lengthwise on kebab skewers. Accompany the grilled kebabs with a fresh salad of spring greens, radish, and herbs like parsley. You can also whip up a sauce of Greek yogurt, minced garlic, and dill.

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