Camping Sites In Decatur

Camping Sites In Decatur

Are you dreaming of going camping with your family now that the weather is warming up? It is a great time to be out in nature. Fortunately, there are tons of excellent camping sites near Decatur. Whether you want to set up a tent or drive up in an RV, you can find what you are looking for here. Let us dive into some of the top options so you can begin making plans for your next camping trip.

Arrowhead Acres Campground

Do you want to fill your schedule with activities when camping? If so, check out Arrowhead Acres Campground in nearby Clinton. The RV park sits on forty-two beautiful acres and has two ponds. The ponds are stocked with fish, so be sure to bring your gear along on the trip. Also, there is a game room onsite, so you will not have any trouble keeping the kiddos occupied.

Do you need another reason to visit Arrowhead Acres Campground? How about the fact that Clinton Lake is just a few minutes away from the RV park? You can spend the day fishing and boating at the lake before heading back to Arrowhead Acres Campground for some relaxation.

Sullivan Marina & Campground

You can also enjoy all kinds of activities at Sullivan Marina and Campground. Located on Lake Shelbyville, the campground is open to seasonal guests and overnight campers. You will need to be a seasonal guest to stay at a full hookup campsite, but primitive camping is available for people who want to spend a night or two.

With a swimming pool, volleyball court, and full-service marina, you will feel like you are staying in luxury here, even when roughing it at a primitive campsite. Oh, and do not worry if you do not feel like grilling over an open fire. The campsite also has a restaurant, NorthEnd Pub & Grill, so you can sit back and wait for the food to come to you.

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Double J Campground

If you plan to bring your kids and pets along, be sure to check out Double J Campground. Dogs love frolicking in the off-leash section of the campground, while kids spend their days at the swimming pool or playing sports. Plus, there is an open-air game room, playground, swimming pool, and tons of other activities.

It is not just for kids and pets, either. With RV and primitive tent sites, adults can camp their way here. If you go with an RV site, you can unwind with cable TV and use the Wi-Fi to stay connected to friends and family. Also, the park has a propane fill station, store, and other amenities, so you will have everything you need here. You can even pick up RV accessories and parts when you are camping here.

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