Get Your Turkey Day Table Ready With These Easy Ideas


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your place this year, you’re probably already starting to feel the pressure of having the right decorations, food, entertainment, etc! We want to help you cross just one of those off of your list right now. Here are a few of the easiest, most fun table settings for Thanksgiving we could find. Add your own style to these base plans and impress all of your guests.


If you’re a fan of the modern, clean look, you can accomplish that with a few key items: napkins with bold lettering, a simple succulent or plant, and brass silverware complete your mission of looking crisp and organized yet still exciting and fun. You could also layer a fun placemat and several solid-color plates on the table for a purposefully stacked effect.


It might be fall, but you can still play with springier colors if you do it correctly! Keep the table runner classic white or cream, and let a few pops of color do all of the work. A few flower arrangements on the table paired with matching cocktails will draw out the subtlety of the color without throwing it in your face. Maybe throw in a darker napkin as an accent.


The mixture of copper silverware, organic-looking bouquets, and modern, super-rounded plates combine the modern feel with the rustic one. A checkered gray and cream runner on the table makes it feel homey and elegant.

Fun and Colorful

Fall colors like orange and red can be upstaged by the replacement of pink, blue, and green. Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean your table has to reflect those samey colors. A bright-colored cornucopia in the center filled with something shiny like mini disco balls, as well tie-dye napkins and golden silverware make your table more of a party than you’ve ever seen before. Sprinkle fun sequins over the table once it’s set for added flare.

French  Country

You’re already picturing in your head how this will look; the simpler the better. Tie in a mix of blues and browns and greens to create the perfect farm-y vibe. A small houseplant, stacked blue and white plates, and a cute little teacup are all you need to accomplish this look.

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