Have Your Next Family Outing At Escape Decatur


If you are looking for a fun way to challenge yourself and your family or to have a fun team bonding experience, look no further than Escape Decatur. This fun escape room company offers four different escape rooms that are fun for everyone seven and up. Ranging from 4.5 to 5 stars of difficulty, choose from four options for you and your family to challenge your minds and work together.

Everyone must sign a waiver and children 15 years and younger must have an adult in their party. If you do not book the entire room you and your family could be playing with other people.

A Room for Saw Type Puzzles and Riddles

After partying a little too hard, you and your friends wake up to realize you can only hear each other but not see anyone. With only hearing a voice telling you that you are playing a game, you have to solve as many puzzles and riddles as you can in 60 minutes to have any hope of escape. This room is ranked at 5 stars for difficulty.

A Room for Crime Lovers

With a difficulty rank of 4.5 stars, you and your friends are currently being held in a rundown and understaffed police station after some intense (and some illegal) party activities. You hear the only two officers there have to leave and you have not yet been booked. Can you escape in 60 minutes before they return?

A Room for Clue Fans

If you are a fan of the board game Clue or its 80s movie counterpart, the Crime in Wonderland escape room is for you. To escape the room, members have to help Alice find the weapon, time of the crime, and location before the rabbit hole closes forever. This room ranks at 5 stars for difficulty and is the best fit for families with younger children based on the slightly lighter atmosphere and storyline.

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A SyFy Room

This room ranks at 5 starts for difficulty and is aimed at those who believe there is life out there. You and your family are in Area 51 after receiving a distress call from the middle of the desert in Nevada. Your mission is to take the facility back from genetically made aliens.

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