Safe Driving Tips For Your 16-Year-Old

Teenage girl driving for the first time

Turning 16 and getting your license is something every teenager looks forward to. However, the increased excitement mixed with a still developing brain can make parents a bit uneasy. If you have a teen who is about to receive their driver’s license, the Insurance Information Institute (III) has some tips for you.

Pick a Safe Vehicle

While having a car they love is important, what is more important is providing your teen with a safe car to drive. The III has provided criteria for what classifies as a safe car. However, it is always best to try and stay away from cars that encourage speed, trucks, and sports utility vehicles (SUVs), as these cars have high turnover rates.

Courses or Programs for Teens

Enroll your child in a driver’s education course. Often, many high schools offer driver’s education courses, or states and cities often offer them too. To further teach safety and ensure your teen is being safe, see if your insurance offers a safe driver program. These programs require teens and parents to sign driving agreements and outline the responsibilities of driving. At the end of the program, your teen is a safer driver and you could qualify for a discount.

You could also enroll your young driver into a graduated license program if your state offers it. If not, you could make your own. The purpose of the program is to teach teens safe driving habits and responses to various situations. Parents will have to allow driving not only outside of the course but also at night and in inclement weather for a student to learn as many safe driving habits as possible.

Distracted Driving

Teens also need to hear about the importance of not driving distractedly. Talking on the phone, texting, listening to music, or other teen passengers are big distractions for young drivers. Discuss the expectation of no distracted driving.

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Model Safe Driving

Most importantly, you as a parent need to model safe driving for your teen. If you drive recklessly or distracted, your teen will too. Lead by example to ensure your teen is safe while they drive and while they are riding with you.

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