Spring Break Travel Safety Tips

A multi-ethnic group of college age students are taking a road trip together on their spring break. They are looking at a map together.

Spring break is right around the corner, so it’s time to start finalizing your travel plans. Choosing a destination is the first step, but then you need to think about safety. Protect yourself and your friends by following these spring break travel safety tips.

Bring a Friend Along

Instead of traveling solo, bring a friend (or friends) along for the ride. There is safety in numbers, so this will provide a layer of protection during the trip. Plus, you can save some money by doubling up on accommodations.

Have Your ID Handy at All Times

Keeping up with your ID is vital when traveling during spring break. Keep it with you in the car when driving, and have it on your person when checking into hotels and going out. You’ll also need your passport if you’re traveling abroad for spring break. Along with the original, make a copy of your passport to keep in the hotel just in case.

Safeguard Your Money

It’s a good idea to bring a little bit of cash with you on spring break. Put that cash in a safe place, such as an inside pocket. You’ll also need a debit or credit card during your trip. If you use a debit card to get more cash, don’t approach the ATM alone or at night. Instead, go during the daytime, and bring your friends along.

Get Your Car Ready

Make sure your car has a spare tire and a jack in case you get a flat. Also, you or someone in your travel party needs to know how to change a tire. Finally, consider signing up for roadside assistance in case you have to deal with more than a flat tire. Roadside assistance plans are reasonably priced and come in handy if you find yourself in a bind.

Lock Expensive Items in the Trunk

You’ll be ready to go after loading up your car. Take a few extra minutes during the process to ensure that pricy items aren’t within reach of thieves. You can lock these items up in the trunk to protect them. Don’t access those items until putting them in your hotel room.

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Rotate Drivers

Driving long distances is tiring, and the more fatigued you get, the greater the chance of an accident. Stay safe on the road by rotating drivers as you go. If there are only two of you, don’t sleep while the other person is driving. Instead, remain alert and talk to the driver during the trip. If the driver seems fatigued, switch drivers or pull over so both of you can rest.

These safety tips might be simple, but they can make a huge difference during spring break. Keep them in mind so you can have a fun and safe spring break adventure.

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