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Stay Busy This Summer With These Activities

Portrait of cheerful parents with two kids running with kite in the park on a sunny day.
The days get longer in the summer, giving you even more time for family fun. Filling those days with activities can be a challenge, though, so you might feel a little stressed. That stress will melt away when you add these summer activities to your itinerary. These activities will help... [read more]

Get Some Fresh Air At Rock Springs Nature Center

Low angle view of a child's legs in hiking boots standing on mountain trail back lit by the glowing sun.
The weather is warming up, which means it is time to head into the great outdoors! There are plenty of spots around town, but you will definitely want to check out the Rock Springs Nature Center in Decatur. Let's see some of the great things the Nature Center has to... [read more]

Learn More About The Mason County Conservation District

Close up of a group of friends hiking in the mountains
The Macon County Conservation District is a beautiful area located in Decatur, IL. The goal of this district is to preserve both the natural and cultural resources of Macon County, Illinois. There are many ways to get involved with the Macon County Conservation District today. Although the Rock Springs Nature... [read more]