Visit Connie’s Country Greenhouse For Fresh Produce

Red ripe tomatoes growing in a greenhouse. Ripe and unripe tomatoes in the background.

Connie’s Country Greenhouse in Latham, IL, has reopened for the spring, just in time for you to grab some fresh produce. The locally-owned greenhouse has been serving the community since 1998, and it seems to get better by the year. Go over your fresh produce options, and learn about other happenings at Connie’s Country Greenhouse.

Pick Produce Off the Vine

Connie’s Country Greenhouse is massive, with ample room for picking produce. You can pick your own off the vine, or have the staff pick some fresh fruit and veggies for you. The greenhouse grows asparagus, watermelons, tomatoes, and strawberries, so you can find all of spring’s best flavors here.

While having the staff pick the fruit or veggies for you is the easier option, picking them yourself is more fun. You can bring your kids or grandkids with you to teach them about harvesting food. It’s fun for everyone, and it only gets better when you turn those freshly picked ingredients into meals.

Grow Your Own Produce

Do you have a green thumb, or simply want to try your hand at growing produce from home? If so, Connie’s Country Greenhouse is a great starting point. Sure, you can get standard perennials and annuals for your garden, but you can also pick up vegetable plants and herbs.

The greenhouse’s plants thrive in Decatur’s Hardiness Zone, and the staff will give you some growing and harvesting tips if you need help. Seriously, the people here are so knowledgeable that you’ll feel like a gardening pro after you leave. You’ll also leave with all the necessary supplies since the greenhouse has all the items needed to grow a robust, thriving garden.

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Check Out the New Gift Shop

Connie’s Country Greenhouse unveiled its new gift shop at the end of 2022. It has all kinds of cute items for homes and gardens. Don’t let the name “gift shop” fool you either. You won’t just find items to give to other people. You’ll come across a lot of stuff you want for your own home or garden.

Nothing beats fresh produce, so head to Connie’s Country Greenhouse to get your own. Whether you want to pick produce from the vine or grow your own, you’re sure to love the greenhouse. From the supplies to the staff, this is the best place to shop for produce in the area.

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