The Jeep Compass Can Do It All!

You already know that Jeep makes a dependable, durable SUV — one that’s fit for all types of roads. The new Jeep Compass is no exception. This model is built to take you across even the most treacherous terrain. Plus, the Compass is comfortable inside and provides a smooth ride.... [read more]

Check Out The Holiday Events Happening In Decatur!

Happy woman in Santa's hat holding presents gift boxes by store showcase on city street at Christmas season. Girl walking by decorated festive shops under falling snow
If you think that Christmas starts earlier each year, you’re not wrong. As the most highly anticipated holiday of the year, Christmas is a month-long celebration, if not longer. This is certainly the case in Decatur, IL, where there is no shortage of fun waiting for you. These holiday happenings... [read more]

Keep Your House Smelling Good With These Candles

Two Candles
Although you want your home to smell nice all year round, it’s especially important during the holidays. After all, this is the time of year when you most entertain family and friends. Here’s a fantastic solution. Instead of air fresheners that don’t last, consider DIY soy candles. Not only are... [read more]

Prepare For The Holidays With These Side Dishes

Traditional Thanksgiving sides, green beans casserole, stuffing and sweet potatoes
It seems as though people serve the same holiday side dishes every year. For instance, they make green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and stuffing. This year, why not switch things up? In addition to making the meal better, your guests get to try new things. For the upcoming holidays, consider... [read more]

10 Tips To Keep The Interior Of Your Car Clean

Detail of a young bald man using a portable wireless vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of a car
Most people have a hard time keeping the interior of their cars clean. This is especially true for those with smaller children. However, it’s also challenging for individuals who use their cars daily for work. If you’re tired of driving around like this, here are 10 tips to help to... [read more]

Have A Date Night At Benny’s Grill This Weekend

an affectionate young couple having a romantic dinner in a restaurant
You want to take someone special in your life out to eat, but you’re not sure where to go. Here’s a great recommendation. Benny’s Grill in Decatur serves both American and Italian cuisine. Moreover, it has pasta and seafood items on the menu. Not only is the food delicious, but... [read more]

The Best Easy Taco Soup Recipe

Mexican soup (like chili con carne) with tacos
As the hot summer temperatures give way to the cooler days and evenings of fall, you probably change the types of meals you make. For example, you may have stayed away from soup in the summer, but a steaming bowl of your favorite variety makes sense in the autumn. Taco... [read more]

Get Ready For Fall With This DIY Fall Wreath

autumn wreath on front door
Some people may think that wreaths only belong on a door during certain times of the year. For example, this decoration is common during the winter, particularly at Christmastime. However, there is never a bad occasion to have a wreath on your front door. There are lots of fall-themed wreaths... [read more]

Take Care Of Your Car With These 10 Car Care Tips

It’s probably hard to imagine how you would accomplish your daily routines without a reliable vehicle. If your car is sputtering or out of commission, it will make things inconvenient and frustrating. You can largely avoid these challenges, including expense repairs, by taking good care of your vehicle. Take Care of... [read more]

Decorate Your Table With These Fall Designs

Stylish fall place setting in gold and white with wicker accents in light and bright dining room
Sometimes, you may feel yourself scrambling at mealtime. On such days, you may not have time to set up a fancy table or think much about the décor in your dining room. However, when you plan a family dinner or a party with friends, you can be a little more... [read more]