Tow Like You Mean It In The Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator
Are you looking for a vehicle that can get down to business while still being fun to drive? The Jeep Gladiator checks those boxes and many more. It sits at the top of the class in 4x4 payload and gas towing capacity and is loaded with features for work and... [read more]

Travel Tips to Remember While Taking That Spring Break Vacation

Driving the Car with the Windows Down
Are your spring break vacations kind of hit or miss? Some years, you have fantastic trips, and other times, you would prefer to forget you ever left home. You can score another for the “win” column by following these spring break vacation planning and travel tips. Plan it Out Before Leaving... [read more]

Put Your Green Thumb To The Test With These Gardening Tips

farmer planting plants in the garden
Most people aren’t born with green thumbs. Instead, they develop them with practice. You can skip several lessons ahead by following some gardening tips. These tips will elevate you from a novice to an advanced gardener, giving you the biggest green thumb in the area. Choose a Spot for Your Garden Choosing the... [read more]

Enjoy A Cup O’ Joe From Black Iron Coffee Company

Coffee Art In Cup
Do you crave a delicious cup of coffee every morning, and your at-home coffee pot isn’t doing the trick? Instead of brewing up another bland cup, head to Black Iron Coffee Company in Decatur, IL. This locally owned and operated coffee house has a menu full of caffeinated drinks, so... [read more]

The 2022 RAM 1500 Is Ready When You Are

RAM 1500
The award-winning RAM 1500 is back for the new model year, and it has more to offer than ever. The 2022 RAM 1500 has the features you’ve come to love, including powerful engine options, fantastic ride quality, and cool technology, but that’s not all. You’ll also have access to new... [read more]

Make These Chocolate-Covered Strawberries This Valentine’s

Close Up Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Do you want to have a memorable Valentine’s Day this year? You can start on the right foot by making chocolate-covered strawberries for that special someone. This is so much more romantic than buying chocolates from the store, and it’s tastier too. First, check out this recipe for chocolate-dipped strawberries, and... [read more]

Breakfast Is Always A Good Idea At Downtown Café

Eating breakfast
Don’t you hate it when you’re craving breakfast, only to realize that restaurants stopped serving it hours ago? That’s not a problem you have to worry about when you eat at the Downtown Café in Decatur, IL. As long as the doors are open, you can order and chow down... [read more]

Catch A Movie At The Avon Theater

couple watching a comedy movie at the cinema and enjoying.
With so many feature films going direct to streaming, you might have skipped out on the in-person movie-going experience lately. However, streaming new movies is expensive, and tickets are cheap at the Avon Theater in Decatur, IL. The independent theater charges $6.50 for seniors, children, and matinees. Then adults pay... [read more]

Why You Should Get Regular Oil Changes

Auto mechanic service and repair
You’ve likely been hearing that oil changes are essential for as long as you can remember. Still, you might not realize why they’re a necessary aspect of owning a vehicle. Let’s go over some reasons you should get regular oil changes so you can understand the importance. Enjoy Optimal Performance With... [read more]

Grab A Juicy Burger At Coney McKane’s

Woman carrying burger
Family recipes passed down from one generation to the next are the best. They are always so fresh and flavorful, and you can almost feel the love and care in every bite. Family recipes and home cooking are just what you’ll get at Coney McKane’s in Decatur. The restaurant’s menu... [read more]