Whip Up This Crock-Pot Chili Recipe For Your Next Gathering

Overhead Vegetarian Chili In Slow Cooker
Looking for an easy but delicious meal that you can whip up for your next holiday gathering? This Crock-Pot Chili will have everyone coming back for seconds. The best thing about using the slow cooker is that you can cook while you're at work, running errands, or away. Letting something... [read more]

6 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away This Holiday

Portrait of a senior woman adjusting a smart system in her home
The holidays are usually a great time for a family vacation! Whether you are traveling to a relative's house, or have a vacation planned for the family to change up the scenery a little, it is a great time because most people are off work or school. With all that... [read more]

Jeep Models That Can Conquer The Snow

Winter tires in snow
Most Jeep owners love their Jeeps for a reason. That reason tends to be that they don't feel limited when it comes to weather, terrain, and other harsh conditions that other models can't always tackle. As the cold weather rolls in and snow begins to fall, it can be a... [read more]

Bring On The Competition With These Holiday Games

modern holiday guessing game
Christmas Eve is a popular time to bring out some healthy competition and festive games to help the family spend quality, light hearted fun together. After eating and mingling at your holiday gathering, breaking out these games will help lighten the mood, break the ice (for friends and family that... [read more]

Find A Good Book To Cozy Up With This Fall At Old Book Barn

Beautiful happy woman at the library or bookstore
Do you love reading a good book but don’t enjoy paying full price? You can find plenty of hot titles at the Old Book Barn in Forsyth, IL. This 14,000-square-foot facility has more than 200,000 new and used books, with a focus on used titles. Plus, you can find audiobooks,... [read more]

6 Sweet Treats For Fall

Have you noticed that cool weather and sweet treats go hand in hand? Maybe it’s because of the holidays, or it could be because the chill in the air creates a craving for comfort food. Either way, you are sure to love these delicious recipes courtesy of Ree Drummond, the... [read more]

How To Protect Your Car From Snow And Ice This Winter

The winter road with car
The first snowfall always seems magical and is a clear sign that winter has arrived. However, the magic wears off when the snow, ice, and rock salt damage your vehicle. When that happens, you might wish you lived in a warmer climate so you wouldn’t have to deal with the... [read more]

Get Festive This Halloween And Make Crescent Mummy Dogs

sausage baked in dough on the table
Getting kids to gobble up dinner is hard on Halloween. They’re so excited about going trick or treating that eating anything that isn’t in a wrapper or filled with chocolate isn’t very exciting. Actually, you can turn dinner into an exciting event by making Crescent Mummy Dogs. They might taste... [read more]

Explore The Decatur Park District

woman walking on a trail in the woods
If you love the great outdoors, you can’t beat the Decatur Park District. The district has 26 neighborhood parks, along with community parks and nature areas. So whether you want to relax in a green space, play a round of golf, let the kids burn off energy, or go for... [read more]